A brief history of Zion Baptist Church

The story of Zion Baptist Church begins in 1813 when the first meeting was held in an upstairs room in Wicker Hill, Trowbridge
A group of forty-one people felt that God wanted them to start a new church. They had no pastor, no building and no financial backing but stepped out in faith believing that the God they trusted in would lead them all the way
Their faith and trust was honoured. Three years later they had their building on land offered to them by a man who thought it would be the best place for them to build.
john warburton PAINTING
John Warburton (pictured) was the first – and most famous – pastor of that fledgling church. Even today people come from all over the world to visit ‘Mr Warburton’s church’.

Further details
of Zion’s history are available.

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Zion Baptist Church
Union Street
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Sundays – 10.30am & 6.00pm

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